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Ketoin Strawberry

Das Eiweiß für Keto!
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Flavor: Strawberry

This unique flavor gives a balanced body as soft as butter and a slightly sweet taste of fruity strawberries.

  • Soy free
  • Gluten free
  • Sugar free
  • Fructose free
  • Aspartame free
  • Gen-tech free
  • 100% Keto
  • 100% Halal
  • 100% Aesthetics
  • 100% Performance

Premium quality. Made in Germany and from purely natural sources. Excellent solubility and an incomparable taste!


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Not all proteins are the same! KETOIN® is the world's first ketoplastic polypeptide with... more

Not all proteins are the same!

KETOIN® is the world's first ketoplastic polypeptide with demand-adapted MCT and Amino acid profile. It is the ideal supplement to a ketogenic diet. Due to its nutritional composition, KETOIN® has, in contrast to conventional proteins, clear advantages and a specific additional benefit. The ketogenic protein was developed with the aim to lead people faster and more intensively into ketosis and has been internationally patented.

Due to the growing interest of many athletes and the general public in topics such as performance, fat burning or vitality, the ketogenic nutrition, or the resulting metabolic state, the ketosis is gaining more and more attention and importance. Ketosis is a completely natural and absolutely harmless metabolic process, which almost every keto follower and many sportsmen and women strive to improve their health, aesthetics or performance. Ketosis turns the body into a fat-burning and powerful machine. But ketogenic nutrition is not only a diet for weight reduction or performance enhancement, recent studies show that ketosis can also help efficiently with numerous diseases!

Whoever now wants to implement a ketogenic diet should understand that any macronutrient that causes an increase in blood sugar, or insulin release, should be consumed in a very limited way; otherwise it would deactivate the process of ketosis! Since carbohydrates in all their forms have the greatest influence on blood sugar and insulin production, they must be reduced to an absolute minimum!

Attention... in the absence of fat, the body begins to convert proteins into carbohydrates (sugar)!

But protein can also become a relevant problem! Larger amounts of protein, especially in low-fat form, have an insulinogenic effect and promote gluconeogenesis, because the body starts to convert proteins into carbohydrates due to the lack of fat. In order to avoid these problems, one should avoid low-fat proteins as a matter of principle, or combine them with a certain amount of fat!

Features of a ketogenic protein!

For a protein concentrate to have any ketogenic effect at all, it must have special characteristics. On the one hand it needs an addition of special fatty acids (MCT`s) and on the other hand a higher dosage of ketoplastic amino acids (KCAA`s)! Furthermore, it should basically be a slow protein with little influence on the blood sugar level and in addition, attention should be paid to the correct selection of sweeteners, as some of them have been proven to activate insulin!

... and this is exactly where the problem of conventional protein concentrates lies!

However, classical protein concentrates have been produced with a low fat content since the beginning of their manufacture, towards the end of the 1960s, and still today. In addition, they have a relatively high proportion of glucoplastic amino acids and very often contain too many carbohydrates or counterproductive sweeteners. These facts do not only contradict the whole ideology of a ketogenic diet, but also the nutritional properties required to be able to act ketogenic at all! ... commercially available protein concentrates have an antiketogenic effect!

... the solution Ketoin®

Against this background, the present product idea was based on the task of providing an improved protein concentrate, especially for athletes and the growing keto community. In order to provide this, we have paid attention to a target-oriented and demand-adapted modification of KETOIN®. For a low impact on blood sugar and insulin, we have chosen a four component protein with a relatively high proportion of the slow protein calcium caseinate

When selecting the fatty acids, we have opted for medium-chain triglycerides (MCT`s), as these have the highest ketogenicity in the fat range and are also easily soluble in cold water due to their shorter fatty acid chain length. In addition, they can also be metabolized by people without a gallbladder and do not need to be split by the pancreatic lipase. They are transported directly in the blood to the liver, where they are preferentially burned or increasingly transformed into ketone bodies compared to conventional fats.

Since scientific studies have clearly shown that, in addition to the two generally known ketogenic amino acids leucine and lysine, tyrosyn and phenylalanine also have a strong ketogenic effect and therefore promote ketosis. We have adjusted the dosage of these amino acids (KCAA`s) in KETOIN® upwards according to requirements.

When selecting sweeteners, we had to consider and clearly differentiate between functional and health risk factors. Some have no relevance to blood sugar and insulin, but are considered to be harmful to health. Others are considered to be harmless to health, but have been proven to promote insulin secretion. For these reasons, only two alternatives came into consideration for us. One was saccharine and the other was sucralose. Both have absolutely no influence on insulin activity and are ideally suited for a ketogenic diet. According to current studies, they are considered to be safe and have a safety factor of 100. Since our customers often react very sensitively to sweets due to their ketogenic lifestyle, we have used the sweetener very sparingly - true to the credo: as little as possible and as much as necessary! The resulting taste in combination with the MCT fat is simply unprecedented and unique!

The development of KETOIN is based on international findings and experiences of many scientists, coaches, doctors and professional athletes. To our knowledge, these properties are not found in any other protein concentrate available on the market. KETOIN® therefore has a unique selling point and is considered the first ketogenic protein concentrate worldwide.


Depending on your needs and personal goals, we recommend 1 to 3 servings of KETOIN per day.

Preparation of one serving: 2 heaped tablespoons (33g powder) and 300ml water in a shaker for 10 - 20 sec. Shake for 10 - 20 sec.

Nutrition Factsper 100gper serving (33g)
Energy 1743 kJ / 414 kcal 575 kJ / 137 kcal
Fat 12,0 g 4,0 g
saturated Fat 11,6 g 3,8 g
Carbohydrates 2,9 g 1,0 g
davon Zucker / Sugar 0,9 g 0,3 g
Eiweiß / Protein 72,7 g 24,0 g
Salz / Salt 0,40 g 0,13 g
added Amino Acids:per 100gper serving (33g)
L-Lysin-Hydrochlorid 3030 mg 1000 mg
L-Phenylalanin 1515 mg 500 mg
L-Leucin 1515 mg 500 mg
L-Tyrosin 909 mg 300 mg
Amino Acid Profile: in 100g Protein 
L-Isoleucin 4,9 g L-Glutamin/Glutaminsäure 17,6 g
L-Leucin 10,6 g L-Aspargin/Asparaginsäure 7,1 g
L-Lysin 10,6 g L-Arginin 3,0 g
L-Valin 5,7 g L-Prolin 7,7 g
L-Phenylalanin 6,2 g L-Serin 5,0 g
L-Threonin 4,1 g L-Alanin 3,3 g
L-Methionin 2,4 g L-Glycin 1,6 g
L-Tryptophan 1,4 g L-Histidin 2,3 g
L-Tyrosin 5,6 g L-Cystein 0,9 g

Eiweißkonzentrat zur Herstellung eines Kaltgetränks.

IngredientsCalcium caseinate (48%), whey protein isolate (15%), MCT oil, milk protein isolate (9%), egg protein (6%), L-lysine hydrochloride, natural flavouring, L-phenylalanine, L-leucine, acidulant: citric acid, L-tyrosine, colouring food beetroot juice powder, emulsifier: lecithin (sunflower), sweetener: sodium saccharine and sucralose.

The data are average values and are subject to the usual product fluctuations. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place. Do not exceed recommended consumption quantities. Food supplements are no substitute for a varied and healthy diet!

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